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Providing the American manufacturer with the highest quality & value industrial lubricants for over 130 years.

Thank you for visiting our web site where you will find useful information about our unique cutting oils and industrial lubricants. We are committed to providing American Manufacturing with products of quality and value needed to compete in a global market place. Clarkson & Ford is dedicated to incorporating American produced and refined base oils and additives in as many of its products as possible.


Industrial Lubricants

Clarkson & Ford Company manufactures a comprehensive selection of industrial lubricants. A partial list of our product line is listed below.

Compressor Oils
Drawing/Stamping Oils

Soluble Oils and Coolants

Clarkson & Ford Company’s soluble oils and coolants provide stable water soluble emulsions. Our coolants are designed to satisfy today’s demanding requirements for improved tool-life, product finish, and extended sump life.

Metal Working Lubricants

Clarkson & Ford Company compounds an extensive line of metal working lubricants. Custom formulations can be provided to meet specific requirements, including: occupational health and safety issues, equipment and production specifications, environmental concerns, and lubricant recovery programs.


Hydraulic Oils

Clarkson & Ford Company also manufactures Premium Hydraulic and Turbine Hydraulic Oils. These hydraulic oils are formulated to meet the highest standards for anti-wear and rust and oxidation protection. Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils and Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oils are available to address special applications.

For further information about our products , please call us at 973-777-0300 or send us fax at 973-777-3275