Clarkson & Ford provides a full line of industrial lubricants formulated to meet the most demanding national & international lubricant specifications and approvals.  More than 95% of our highly refined base oils are from domestically sourced resources and refineries.  Most of our products and containers are easily recyclable – building on a long term commitment to sustainability and good stewardship practices.  Our philosophy is that good business means lifecycle responsible formulations and business processes.

Industrial Lubricants

Clarkson & Ford Company manufactures a comprehensive selection of industrial lubricants. A partial list of our product line is listed below.

  • Compressor Oils
  • Drawing/Stamping Oils
  • Gear Lubricants
  • Greases
  • Grinding/Honing Oils
  • Lard/Neatsfoot Oils
  • Lubricating Oils
  • Machine Oils
  • Motor Oils — Automotive and Truck
  • Pump Oils
  • Spindle Oils
  • Synthetic Oils
  • Way Lubricants
  • White Oils

Soluble Oils and Coolants

Clarkson & Ford Company’s soluble oils and coolants provide stable water soluble emulsions. Our coolants are designed to satisfy today’s demanding requirements for improved tool-life, product finish, and extended sump life.

  • Heavy Duty Soluble Oils
  • Chlorine-free Soluble Oils
  • Emulsified Oils
  • Semi-synthetic Micro-emulsions
  • True Solution Synthetic Coolants

Metal Working Lubricants

Clarkson & Ford Company compounds an extensive line of metal working lubricants. Custom formulations can be provided to meet specific requirements, including: occupational health and safety issues, equipment and production specifications, environmental concerns, and lubricant recovery programs.

  • Cutting Oils for Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals
  • Active/Inactive Extreme Pressure (EP)
  • Non-staining Cutting Oils
  • Chlorine-free/Sulfur-free Cutting Oils
  • Bio-degradable Cutting Oils
  • Tapping Compounds

Hydraulic Oils

Clarkson & Ford Company also manufactures Premium Hydraulic and Turbine Hydraulic Oils. These hydraulic oils are formulated to meet the highest standards for anti-wear and rust and oxidation protection. Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils and Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oils are available to address special applications.

  • Premium Hydraulic Oils (Anti-wear)
  • Turbine Hydraulic Oils
  • Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils
  • Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oils

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Product Data Sheets


Premium Hydraulic Oil – AW

Premium Way Lube – ISO 68

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